Exquisite ways to feel the essence of France

Exquisite ways to feel the essence of France

Sensual, profound, highly sophisticated and soaked with exotic flavors. These would be the first associations if we had to describe France. Memories made of these impressions last a lifetime, and we are here to arrange them for you. We are passionately dedicated to designing private luxury tours and experiences through the most specific and beautiful region of France adjusted to your wishes, needs and special interests. Unique tours are organized according to your preferences. Thus you will meet and feel the France in the most personal and authentic manner.

France has to offer more riches and beauties than you can possible see and experience in just a few days of traveling. But if organized properly, with lots of experience and guided by adequate “flavors,” you can see some of the most impressive architecture, nature beauties, cultural aspects, taste French specialties and feel its essence through some unique destinations and moments.

We are here to tailor personalized tour for you and everyone traveling with you, bearing in mind the reasons for your travel and the final effect you’d like to achieve.

Our tours are organized around your wishes and interests

Whether you are a food lover, passionate about wines, looking for romantic travel for a special occasion, interested in architecture and history, a fan of a calm family traveling or adventurous, exciting road trips, we can arrange it for you. If you prefer some other interests, we will design specific tour guided by your given list of interests. Currently, we offer cycling tours, sailing tours, gastronomy and wine tours and history and culture tours. These dominant motives and highlights help us pick the adequate destinations and set of activities to fulfill your desired impressions.

150421-le-french-gourmay-wine-cheese-flight-at-french-windowFrench wine is the flavor to remember

Wine lovers would maybe argue if French wines are the best in the world, but they are certainly among top ones. Huge vineyard areas spread all over the France, and some of the most recognizable fine wines come from these regions. Our wine tours include traveling to some of these regions where you will enjoy Burgundy, Champagne, Loire Valley, Chablis and other sorts of wine. Also, you will get the preview of the mere producing process, the chance to explore the industry, learn about it and talk to the owners. Local gastronomy specialties are perfectly combined with the sorts of wine you will taste.

2944164491_60b39b6b60_bFood-oriented tours

French are famous for their hedonism and talent to enjoy every aspect of life, food particularly. Thus we design authentic culinary tours taking you through various flavor and tastes of national specialties. You will get the chance to taste goat cheese, olive oil, crepes, oysters, baguette and many other delicious gastronomy experiences. You will, also, if interested, get the chance to go through short courses of preparing these specialties and find out some unique recipes and cooking tricks.

France is for romance

Romantic moments with someone special don’t necessarily have to happen in front of Eiffel tower in the City of Light. France if crowded with amazing destinations for lovers, where you can visit unique restaurants and hotels, go shopping, explore impressive nature and river banks, enjoy romantic sailing and many other activities for two. If you are looking for the way to make your special moment memorable, these romantic tours are winning opportunity.

Explore our blog to read more about various ideas, guidelines and traveling schemes before you decide to visit France and add some of these luxury experiences into your book of memories.

France Bonjour! Luxury French Vacation Experience

France Bonjour! Luxury French Vacation Experience

If you are one of those people who dream of visiting France, then read on! France Bonjour blog aims to inform you about luxury vacations in France, but even if you cannot afford them, you will still have the same experience just by reading this blog. Therefore, if you would like to experience something extraordinary make sure that you continue reading truly.

yachtsLuxury Yacht Rentals

Our first stop is a luxury yacht. When I first came to France, I traveled to France from Italy. This is why I had a unique and amazing experience of traveling by boat. If you happen to find yourself in a position that you can rent a luxurious yacht make sure you do so. You can even check out this luxury yacht website :http://www.luxurymiamiyachtrentals.com/.

Côte D’Azur

nice_cresci_slide_environnement_003In addition to that, there are so many yachts and boats to choose from, but that doesn’t diminish the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Côte d’Azur – as French call it, is truly a magnificent work of art made by mother nature. Even better if you can enjoy this excellent part of the Mediterranean Sea snuggly accommodated on a luxurious yacht.

Cuisine, Culture, Croissants

But the Mediterranean is not everything there is about France. As you probably know, French culture is utterly amazing and worldly popular. It is great wines, absolutely delicious cuisine, and amazing work of art. In addition to that, French language according to many people is the most romantic language in the world. Therefore, if you choose to visit France will truly experience something unique and amazing.

parisParis, Paris – Je time

There are numerous stated you can visit throughout France, but don’t forget to visit Paris. Paris is also called the city of light and with every right. Paris is a truly magical 50 where you can enjoy it numerous museums that the bit works of art from all around the world, but you will also experience the unique French culture in Parisian cafes and restaurants.

Bored With France – Mais, ce n’est pas possible!

You will never be bored in France, and there is so much do and see. However, besides some popular tours such as a tour of Paris or some other major cities in France, you can also visit French countryside, and you will be just as amazed how beautiful it is.

Country Resort

I would even recommend planning to purposefully visit a village in France and spent at least a portion of your time in the French countryside. It will change how you view things, in addition to that, it will probably provide you with the best for of vacation because you will need truly a relax and unwind in a place like the French countryside. Moreover, it will give you a chance to meet local people and truly experience the lifestyle they lead. All of this will be more than precious you, as memories worth more than pictures or luxurious items you can buy.

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